California lemon laws are there to help consumers before anyone else

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The problem with consumer protection laws is that businesses will fight to prove they are not in the wrong. This is why anyone who buys a vehicle that quickly becomes a problem in California needs an expert on their side that understands the lemon laws in the state. The right lawyer or firm can help a person avoid paying for repairs. Particularly for problems that were covered up with little tricks dealerships use to get vehicles off their lots. People do not deserve to be tricked by a business. They also do not deserve to pay for dealership mistakes.

Manufacturer Concerns

Most car manufacturers do not want to be seen as signing bad vehicles to people. Many have an arbitration policy at no cost to settle matters so they never have to go into a courtroom. This means that lawyers may not need to be brought in, but the person and the company will have to agree on an arbitration specialist. The person having issues with their new car will not have to worry about the costs. They will have a settlement in a less complicated manner. Any new car will have fewer issues and help available.

Military Amendment

Any person who is in the military has an extra amendment to help with any lemon law issues. The current active duty military member may buy a car out of state and get sent to California. They will have the same protections as if they bought it in the state. This allows people who get sent to new bases the advantage of not having to worry if problems develop and it becomes too complicated when wanting to get legal help. The state knows that this can be a hassle for those who are unable to travel extensively.

Time Limit

There is a four year time limit to file a claim under the California lemon law. Manufacturers and dealerships are working to change the date. They want the start of the four years to be at the time of purchase. The current time starts when the person who bought the vehicle starts having issues proving that it is a lemon. This means that a person needs to start documenting as soon as any issues arise and start the lemon law process as soon as they figure out they have a lemon. Keep the dates accurate and keep all receipts.

The lemon law is there to protect any person who gets a vehicle that proves to have been made worse. Any questions or a fight requires the help of a California lemon law specialist. Never allow a dealership or manufacturer the opportunity to cheat someone out of their legal rights. No vehicle should start costing more than they are worth within a short time after purchase. This is why anyone who buys a car, truck, or van in California should know their rights. There are lawyers ready to help if arbitration or other means do not work and the place of purchase fights.

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