How to Find Out If Lemon Law Applies To Your Vehicle

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When somebody buys a car that cannot be repaired after multiple attempts or you cannot maintain the car; it is a lost cause. Too much money can go into fixing an inadequate car. If the transmission fails in your car you have to get it repaired. This is because it can fail twice for no good reason. This qualifies a car as being a lemon. The California Lemon Law gives customers legal protection if you purchase a defective vehicle. California Lemon Law covers new or used cars. Also purchased or leased for use dependent on the category of use, such as for business or family use.

Is the vehicle under warranty?

Vehicles that were repurchased by the manufacturer to be fixed and sold without a warranty are also covered under California Lemon Law. This law states that the consumer is covered with the manufacturer warranty if provided. A vehicle that needs the gas tank repaired because the gasoline is regurgitating has been deemed covered under manufacturer warranty. There is a four-year statute of limitations covering such a vehicle. The vehicle owner and the manufacturer are given a specific amount of time. During this time they must fix the vehicle by whatever means necessary.

If the vehicle is experiencing brake failure, the owner may try to repair it. At that point, California Lemon Law applies. Manufacturers may repurchase the vehicle to see if they can cover the repairs necessary. Selling such a vehicle to someone who can also afford the repair is occasionally an option exercised. If the vehicle has been mistreated after purchase, California Lemon Law does not cover this factor. California Lemon Law attorneys work on contingency, which means they get paid if your settlement wins.

Does the lemon law apply to my vehicle?

California Lemon Law applies only to cars that have been bought in California, and not a car bought in another state. The law covers a vehicle for 18,000 miles driven. Sometimes cars do not have that much mileage on them if they develop problems. The dealership needs to be in a position to replace a vehicle that does not function properly under warranty. Also attempting to repair the vehicle at least twice if the defect is something like the brakes. The defect could cause injury or worse, death.

How many times has the car been repaired?

The California Lemon Law offers specific criteria such as the dealership tried four times to fix the actual problem. The lemon… or forewarned, the car, has to be taken in for repairs for 30 consecutive calendar days. A car that has been repaired one too many times qualifies as a lemon. If the car has developed more than one problem, the car is almost done and over with. The only solution is to sell it to someone who can afford to repair this lemon of car! When the car is repaired by someone who can afford it, it is no longer a lemon but a serviced vehicle that can be used.

The manufacturer has the option of buying back such a vehicle in this state of being considered a lemon. If the problems occur within the first 18 months, the consumer must directly communicate the problem to the manufacturer. New car owners, whether used or leased, have the right to be protected from lemons under the law. The criteria for a lemon is very specific. Dealerships keep repair records as to when your car is in for repairs. Only so many repairs are needed for a car to qualify as a lemon. Lemon law suits can be judged as worth it by your lawyer.

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